Monday, 6 February 2012

Hyenas, kobolds and obvious traps

A pre-shaken kobold.
Milgos hires on two lovestruck washerwomen named Betty and Beatrice, whom he arms and armours. Clearly they are a fan of his exotic ebony skin. That and the dark elf paid them upfront and threw in a bonus. Back at his room the wizard picked up his spell book and the staff he had been given upon his graduation – the staff of the apprentice. Ugh gets a new dog, only it’s a hyena. Janna, the hobbit cleric, agrees to accompany them back into the dungeon.
On the way back down they encounter some under-hobbits who invite them back to their home after their expedition. Ugh knows he was placed under a spell the last time he had dealings with the sly folk but he humours them.
A statue challenges them on their way down a flight of stairs. They proclaim their names – we learn Ugh’s full title. Milgos searches it for some form of secret but it’s not special. Marching down the corridor the group are ambushed by kobolds some of which spring from behind an illusionary wall. Milgos goes beserk and becomes a whirling dervish with twin daggers. The kobolds flee just when the blood crazed dark elf seemed at his most vulnerable, his unarmoured form leaping into the centre of the melee. The kobold leader leads them through a number of rooms hurling the door open each time in his desperation to escape. He is caught and stabbed by Milgos before being shaken to death by the hyena.
The room the kobold fled to had a statue with scythe and beheaded skeleton. Milgos urged Ugh to be cautious but Ugh did not care. He strode into the room and the statue came to whirling trap like life swinging the scythe towards the half orc. Ugh ducked and the statues weapon careened off his shield. They loot the kobolds.
Further exploration discovered the body of a pale elf. Milgos said a prayer for the fallen, because he is good, then immediately looked at the ceiling. Tis as if the dark elf had the soul of an old school adventurer. Indeed something stirred on the ceiling, two giant ticks. The first fell under a reign of steely blows while the second turned to flee it was bitten in twain by Fang, Ugh’s imaginately titled Hyena. Getting back to the good thing, Milgos rebelled against the evil drow society and turned to niceness and good. Thus the prayer for the elf, the dark elves mortal enemy and the lavish coin heaped upon his hirelings.

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