Thursday, 14 November 2013

Oldhammer - latest additions

Some models, like Chaos Dwarves, are expensive. They look neat though so I sprung for the model below. It was a little boring to paint sadly. All armour and no face. I painted a gem on the end of the axe to add some interest and mixed up the armour with some bronze. The orc skin recipe is my own take on Spooktalkers that he outlines here.

I dont usually go in for blood on mini's but figured I would add some to the chaos dwarf's axe. Sadly I discovered my Taimya Clear Red, famous for it's bloodiness, was an enamel and not an acrylic. Instead I used a Secret Weapon dried blood wash. It turned out OK I suppose, I would have rather the Taimya result though.

Finally I was inspired by Aggro84's mushrooms he adds to bases and made a few out of green stuff. I am happy with the result and think it adds interest.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Oldhammer - Dark Elves

I painted this lot earlier in the year. I think the motivation was putting together some foes to go toe to toe with a D&D group. They might have made for a fun foe in a chaos warbands game as well. I'm not sure if they will hit a gaming table now but they were fun to paint. Included in the mix is a modern hassle free miniature as well as a Melnibone guy pointing; it's honestly a terrible sculpt. Not all the old sculpts rule.

Old dark elves had the best sculpts by far. Also hex bases!

Hassle Free sculpt in the middle. A joy to paint.

The witch elf sword is easily broken. Melnibone on left.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Oldhammer miniatures for November 2013

I am a miniature addict. I have been since grade 6.

The Australian $ does OK against the pound which feeds my addiction. Fortunately postage from the UK hasn't gone mental like packets from the US. This means every couple of weeks I hit and rustle up some old lead. I am not looking for rarity or bargains as such, instead I look for models that I will enjoy painting.

As I get older I find less and less appeal in wargamming. I find collecting and painting aspects of the hobby more attractive. Painting keeps me sane, its my Zen, my escape. And its the models from the 80s that hold the greatest appeal. The 80s saw Jes Goodwin, the Perry twins and others put out lush models that paint up a treat. Here's the last weeks output:

Jes Goodwin sculpts - Eternal Champion series.
Perry Brothers - Mounted Gimli - Lord of the Rings 80s series.
Orcs - probably Kev Adam's sculpt along with a modern Reaper barbarian with side boob.
Eternal Champion, Lone Wolf town guard and Citadel female fighter.
I don't know who scultped the Lone Wolf range of models but I remember wanting them as a kid, I think they were advertised in the Lone Wolf solo game books. Neat models and I would love to collect more of them but they go for a lot on ebay.