Sunday, 10 November 2013

Oldhammer - Dark Elves

I painted this lot earlier in the year. I think the motivation was putting together some foes to go toe to toe with a D&D group. They might have made for a fun foe in a chaos warbands game as well. I'm not sure if they will hit a gaming table now but they were fun to paint. Included in the mix is a modern hassle free miniature as well as a Melnibone guy pointing; it's honestly a terrible sculpt. Not all the old sculpts rule.

Old dark elves had the best sculpts by far. Also hex bases!

Hassle Free sculpt in the middle. A joy to paint.

The witch elf sword is easily broken. Melnibone on left.


  1. Beautiful! I have just been going through your various posts and I am blown away by your painting, but these wonderful Dark Elves, what a fantastic warband they make! Really nicely done!

  2. Thanks! I was very happy with the way the skin turned out on these, and the white/grey hair was a good call in the end. The sculpts are classic and the topless Hasslefree model fits right in.


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