Sunday, 3 November 2013

Oldhammer miniatures for November 2013

I am a miniature addict. I have been since grade 6.

The Australian $ does OK against the pound which feeds my addiction. Fortunately postage from the UK hasn't gone mental like packets from the US. This means every couple of weeks I hit and rustle up some old lead. I am not looking for rarity or bargains as such, instead I look for models that I will enjoy painting.

As I get older I find less and less appeal in wargamming. I find collecting and painting aspects of the hobby more attractive. Painting keeps me sane, its my Zen, my escape. And its the models from the 80s that hold the greatest appeal. The 80s saw Jes Goodwin, the Perry twins and others put out lush models that paint up a treat. Here's the last weeks output:

Jes Goodwin sculpts - Eternal Champion series.
Perry Brothers - Mounted Gimli - Lord of the Rings 80s series.
Orcs - probably Kev Adam's sculpt along with a modern Reaper barbarian with side boob.
Eternal Champion, Lone Wolf town guard and Citadel female fighter.
I don't know who scultped the Lone Wolf range of models but I remember wanting them as a kid, I think they were advertised in the Lone Wolf solo game books. Neat models and I would love to collect more of them but they go for a lot on ebay.


  1. Look'n good Bob, but you forgot to put the shield on the Eternal Champion.

    I know, I know, always picking on the things you miss on your mini's.

    Hope to get my desk soon, might actually paint something?


  2. Yup. I Missed two shields.Shields are boring to paint. I might get round to it seing how I lost all my ebay bids bar 1 and have a pack mule to look forward to painting one weekend. I might have to order some new models as the old lead becomes harder to come by.

  3. You could always try the companies that still produce old minis, i.e. EM4, Mirliton, Ironwind, Warlord games etc. Their not always cheap to buy & ship, but there's still quite a few bargains to be found. I gave up on Ebay a while ago.

  4. Wow, I love your painting style. Shields can be fun! Here are some I've painted:

    Some were painted recently, some back in the 80s. I hope they inspire you.


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