Thursday, 14 November 2013

Oldhammer - latest additions

Some models, like Chaos Dwarves, are expensive. They look neat though so I sprung for the model below. It was a little boring to paint sadly. All armour and no face. I painted a gem on the end of the axe to add some interest and mixed up the armour with some bronze. The orc skin recipe is my own take on Spooktalkers that he outlines here.

I dont usually go in for blood on mini's but figured I would add some to the chaos dwarf's axe. Sadly I discovered my Taimya Clear Red, famous for it's bloodiness, was an enamel and not an acrylic. Instead I used a Secret Weapon dried blood wash. It turned out OK I suppose, I would have rather the Taimya result though.

Finally I was inspired by Aggro84's mushrooms he adds to bases and made a few out of green stuff. I am happy with the result and think it adds interest.


  1. Mushrooms turned pretty good Bob.

    You need more light on your minis, too dark, hard to see the colour. Try getting two desk lamps at opposing angles facing the mini. That way you will eliminate shadows, while at the same time lighting the mini from both sides...use "daylight" globes too.

    My two cents :)

    1. I might try taking the photos in the kitchen during the day. There is a ton of light in there. Otherwise a second lamp in the painting room might be on the cards.


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