Monday, 6 January 2014

The Enemy Within - Shadows over Bogenhafen - part 4

Busy weekends mean we manage to game once a month. To make up for the gap between sessions we overcompensate on the time we game, around 7-8 hours. I've recorded the sessions for fun and to help me remember events. I break the long recordings into manageable, bloggable chunks. 

Here is a link to part 4 of our recorded play through of 'The Enemy Within' campaign. Part 5 is on its way.

We left off with the adventurers aware that there's a wide ranging conspiracy within the trade town of Bogenhafen and that key conspirators would be attending an important party that night at the Teugan household.

The PCs are: Walter the halfling raconteur, Joten the dwarf sewerjack, Esmerelda the reluctant hedge witch, Solomon the halfling smuggler and Herdan the odorous grave warden.

Key points from part 4

  • 3:54 The group encounter the watch dragging away the crazy Lady Alexa. She gibbers doom laden nonsense that seems to relate to current odd events. On seeing Herdan she freaks out, claiming the grave warden was 'marked by chaos'. She implored the group to kill Herdan before its too late. She also claimed that Bogenhafen was going to be swallowed by chaos soon. The group assumed she had Herdan confused with his doppelganger from the very first adventure 'Mistaken identity'.
  • 22:30 The band visit the watch barracks hoping to work out what happened during yesterdays fateful meeting between the now poisoned High Priest of Sigmar, the merchant Franz Steinhager and Watch Captain Reiner. The Watch Captain denied being at the meeting. The group took a chance and decided to trust him with the whole story starting with demons in the sewers and ending with Franz's revelations about the Ordo. The group speculate that magic was involved in the impersonation of the Watch Captain.
  • 27:20 Watch Captain Reiner believes their story and orders the immediate arrest and questioning of Franz. He insisted that no lawyers be involved till they learn the 'truth'. Reiner seemed intent on establishing his authority and taking the merchants down a peg or two. The group witness Franz's arrest from a discrete distance and saw Franz angrily accuse his brother Heinrich of being behind his arrest.
    Teugen's house. Scene of what can only be described as a debacle.
  • 59:30 A party is clearly being held at the heavily guarded Tuegen estate. The group wait for it to be in full swing and then scale the townhouse wall and attempt a break in.
  • 61:38 Mike demands a meal that isn't pizza. The table is shocked, roleplaying and pizza is the most sacred of combos, to have anything else would be un-Australian. We settle for kebabs which is awesome as well!
  • 76:37 Tuegen's patrolling guards spot the rope the group used to scale the wall. An alarm is raised and combat breaks out in the estate's garden. During the conflict some of the party make it to the house and do a small amount of exploring while holding the kitchen staff at bay. As more guards arrive and the call for the watch echoes through the streets of Bogenhafen, the group determine it's time to run. Windows were smashed, guards crippled and an escape is made.
  • 114:30 After the failed foray into the Tuegen estate our heroes contemplate leaving town. Their enemies know they stay at the Vexed Pig inn so they head to the bolt hole of the thieves guild, the Crossed Pikes. Feeling they can trust Franz Bauman, head of the thieves guild, the group tell him the whole story. He puts them up for the night while they ponder their next move.

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