Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ugh dances with wolves

An artists interpretation of Ugh and Fang.

Ugh followed the lead of the young girl he had rescued. He never bothered to ask her name and she never bothered to give it. They travelled in silence till they reached the Great Plains on the borders of civilized lands. There she introduced the half orc to a nomadic tribe called the Ungols. The tribe had held her father in high esteem and so they warily welcomed Ugh.
Ungols are just like Mongols.
That evening the Ungols held a feast for their guest. Ugh was asked by the tribes shaman to chose which part of the prepared goat he would be eating and the reason he chose that part. The warrior responded ‘I eat the heart in honour of the goats stubborn bravery and the hooves to gain the goats grace and nimbleness, with the goats sure footedness no foe shall escape my blade.’ The tribe was then treated to an amazing sight as Ugh demonstrated that he could indeed eat whole goats hoofs. He was well on the way to winning the tribes respect.

Late in the feast, after much Kvas (fermented goats milk) and after listening to many traditional Ungol songs, Ugh was encouraged to share a song of his own. Ugh chose a stirring rendition of Bravery and Regalia. It had been made famous by a bard named Tankard who had composed the tune while a captive of orcs. It was about the orcish rights of passage and the brave, foolish and drunken antics that accompany such ventures. It was deemed appropriate by the Ungols.

With his hosts impressed Ugh was invited to partake in a sacred smoking ceremony where he would go on a dream quest to find his spirit totem. The half orc agreed, drank an enormous skin of Kvas and ended up in a cave surrounded by funny smelling smoke. When he came around the tribe had packed up their yurts moved on. As a result of his dream quest Ugh was able to communicate with canines of all sorts.

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