Friday, 7 February 2014

Oldhammer Project: Talisman

Talisman miniatures. 10 of 'em!
I first encountered Talisman when I was in after school care around about grade 4. I had already had a go at reading Fighting Fantasy books and my parents had raised me on board games so Talisman was an easy sell.

As I got older I fell out of love with the game, frustrated with how long it took to finish. Recently I became re-enthused after playing a game of the 40k variant 'Relic'. Given my eagerness for all things role-playing I thought I'd bolt the Talisman archetypes onto B/X D&D and create a unique quick play game. That stuff is still kicking around in my head and on a google doc. If it looks neat enough I might have a go at running it or at least putting it up on the blog.

Games Workshop released mini's to replace the card cut out characters that came in the Talisman box. I am currently trying to collect the initial set of 14 with the intent of playing a game when my birthday rolls around.
Minstrel, Wizard and Elf
Monk (almost as broken as the Prophetess), Troll and Ghoul
Sorceress, Thief and Druid


  1. Nicely done Bob.

    Might have some info for you regarding the other ones your missing?

    1. Just missing the Warrior with the Halberd. The warrior is on ebay but postage from America means paying $20 for him. Which is far too much. The priest and assasin are in the post and should get here next week. The dwarf and rorty prophetess are next to paint. Just waiting for a day under 40 so I can prime them.

  2. Oh, this brings back memories! Well painted!

  3. "D" says "your painting is good dude".

    Quite a glowing compliment for a youngling.

  4. I love these models! It's nice to see an almost complete set of them painted to such a high standard.

  5. Wow Rob S, these are exquisite. I love seeing old miniatures with modern paintwork and your style suits these figures perfectly.

    Great work.


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