Sunday, 30 March 2014

Alternate Armies: Fir Bolg

I frequent the Oldhammer Forums soaking in the old Citadel goodness and posting pics of my "little mans". Out of the blue I received a PM from fellow forumite LeadAsbestos asking if I would like to paint some minis in return for some 1980's Lord of the Rings lead. I agreed to paint some Fir Bolg as the chance to stock up on minis without delving into Ebay was appealing. These ugly bastards are Alternate Armies sculpts. Their rough charm grew on me and by the end of the project it was sad to see them go.

The models have a Celtic/Aztec vibe which had me try my hand at painting woad. All those swirls and whorls annoyed me and I went with Woodland Indian war paint about mid way through the project.

Test model

All fifteen Fir Bolg prior to their flight to the USA.


  1. Well, I'm excited! I'll post a pic as soon as they reach their new post!

  2. They are actually kind of cool looking and definitely give off an old school vibe.


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