Monday, 28 May 2012

Project Viking

The Viking Force.
A while back I had some time off, two weeks, while the missus had to keep on at her job. Needing something to keep myself busy I figured I would paint. Shane had been waxing nostalgic on Warhammer 3e, he's never given up on the old rule set and using it for a game of Mighty Empires. Mighty Empires probably deserves its own post. Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory had just released their plastic vikings and suddenly a Norse army seemed affordable. I hunted about for the white dwarf with the army list, did some number crunching and came up with a force.
Here is the full 'Norse' force. 120 models painted over 2 weeks.
And old friend called up recently asking after Army Painter Dip. I'd used it with some success to paint up my vikings and far less success with the Empire force I attempted a few months later. I promised to send him some pictures of dipped models. Advice

  • I guess you should keep a paper towel close at hand and use it to quickly touch off any excess dip, especially dip that pools around the face. 
  • Some colours work well with dip and some do not. Red, brown and yellow work well. For me my greens and blues gave the worst result. Pick a bright or pale colour and don't worry too much because the dip will darken it back down.
  • Hit it with dull coat but make sure the conditions outside are perfect before you do this. Moist air will ruin your handiwork. An experience I sadly had with an Empire Cannon.
Some dipped axemen. I was using these as berserkers.
Dipped Huscarls with leaders our front.
    A failed experiment. I bought some puppets war resin were-wolf heads for my Ulfenwere troops. The heads are the wrong scale.
      War hounds to mix in amongst the units.

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