Sunday, 8 December 2013

Oldhammer - December additions

Some models scare me. They look so neat, and there reputation for greatness is so well known that I end up scared to paint them in case I stuff them up. Jes Goodwin Ogres are in that league. The models below are close to how they finished up. Just a red wash on the leggings and a brown wash on the boots remained when I took the photos. I might go back and add a couple of mushrooms to the bases. I stuck to my safe palette but did branch out with the stripey pants.

I have heard it said that the old ogres lack a unified look. I disagree. I think as long as you keep a consistent colour scheme the group will hang together nicely. Two ogres down and two to go.
Jes Goodwin Ogres. The one on the right had his foot remodelled.
These next batch of models I finished around the end of November. I was hoping to photo them in the kitchen where there is more natural light but only recently got around to it. I experimented with green as this is not usually a colour I have confidence with. I used the secret weapon inks on the greens and above on the ogres flesh. They are tricky to use, I like to use them on the base coat before I highlight up. Don't use them as a wash though, just apply to the recesses directly.

My favourite model of the group is the poacher with the goose stuffed in his bag. I had read an earlier blogger looking to collect the set of miniatures that appeared in the colour plates in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Rulebook. That sounds like a great idea but I am in no rush. I have plenty of stuff to paint over the Christmas break.
Dwarf merchant, Gimli, Poacher and Bill the Pony.
Note goose in bag.


  1. I completely agree. Some models ar ea bit scary to start with, but hopefully, jes' work always proves easy to paint, he is (imho) th emost painter-friendly sculptor I know.
    I do have a lot of those ogres and also agrees that a consistent colour scheme works fine to tie them together. Jes tends to sculpts details (pouches, armour, etc...) the same way on all his models which links them very strongly.
    Very good work on these two, eager to see some more !

  2. I've just found this blog and am devouring all your prior posts. Great reports and fantastic painting! I have the Ogre on the left and painted him some years back without too much trepidation, but then I always work under the assumption that the larger the model the easier it is to paint!

  3. Gimli is in a classic pose. It reminds me of a certain Dwarf King. Great paint job on Bill the pony.

  4. In the end I had little to fear from painting the ogres. I agree they are painter friendly with their slighly bigger details. I took a lot of time thinking about colour schemes and went back over a few dissapointing colour choices. Blue is not a colour I am any good with.

    Gimli does look like a certain dwarf of legend :) He's just missing the foot on orc head, far better than the ubiquitous foot on rock we see these days.

  5. Very nice. The Ogres look really good.

  6. Great looking figures! Always had a fondness for Bill the Pony :-)


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