Sunday, 22 December 2013

Oldhammer - December - Skaven and pigments

I needed some Skaven. I don't use mini's in the running of 'The Enemy Within' campaign, I find they slow the action down, but I still like to collect relevant models. You never know, I might use them one day. All four made their way from the US courtesy of Blue in VT.

The colour scheme is 'inspired' by Nico's excellent skaven which in turn were inspired by Andy Chambers Skaven army posted in a now ancient issue of White Dwarf.

Finished Skaven. I am getting the knack of pigments and Secret Weapon washes,

On this occasion I decided to give pigments a go. I had seem a youtube video explaining how to muddy up tank tracks using pigments. I experimented on some Flames of War panzers. The results were messy and a bit rubbish. I was hesitant to crack out the pigments again. However Aggro84 gives a detailed account on how to use them that gave me the courage to have another go.

Secret Weapon 'Fallout' wash on poison wind globes.
Pigment rust on metal parts. Citadel's new Oxide on the bronze.
Pigment mud along the base of the robes.
Rusted halberd.


  1. Great job. These look fantastic. Well done.

    1. Thanks. There is always some new paint or pigment to try that will improve your results.

  2. "Nico approved" :)

    Your "Brown" style is very good and very Skaven. An advice, add war paints on fur, nose or eyes..

    Bye Nico.

    1. Woo Hoo - Nico approved! :)

      I agree the warpaint would look nice. I am scared about mucking them up. They are at a level that I am happy with. I have some Skaven in my Christmas stocking and will warpaint them up when they hit the painting table. Santa is a champ!


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