Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Enlandrin's Folly

'I could use something flammable about now.'  - Gerard one of Enlandrin's webbed warriors

Tshoghha the demon toad. He's mentioned briefly in the story a little latter.

Blodgett gazed moodily into his ale. His decision to let his friend Milgos hold his share of the treasure had been out of character and now had come back to haunt him. He needed plenty of gold to pay for his wizard tuition and so he had hired the best local talent for an immediate expedition into the underworld. His hirelings milled about the bar. First and foremost amongst them was Gerard the grizzled warrior whom Blodgett had ‘liberated’ from the clutches of the mighty sorcerer Enlandrin. Gerard had been Enlandrin’s right hand till Blodgett convinced him to change his tune thanks to a little charm spell. Enlandrin wouldn’t come seeking revenge as the crazed wizard was now deceased.

‘Tell us Elandrin’s Folly again boss. You know the story about how you helped kill the infamous sorcerer.’ Asked Burne, one of the new hires. ‘I once adventured with the West Wood Warriors. That was till they decided they didn’t need me anymore. Threw me on the scrap heap. After all I did for them carrying the torch. A rat even bit me. And what did I get for my troubles eh?’

Blodgett the mage. The kerchief makes him medieval.
Blodgett’s thoughts were interrupted. ‘Yes Burne, I will tell you the tale, if you promise to cease your infernal prattling. I don’t pay you to talk.’ The mage gave a weary sigh before launching into his tale. ‘We had found some priests, foul worshippers of the toad demon Tshoghhha.’ Blodgett’s pronunciation of the word sounded like he was hacking up a great gobbet of phlegm. ‘Whilst putting the miscreants to the sword one of them had a change of heart. The poor blighter begged forgiveness before betraying his master Enlandrin by informing us the wizard’s whereabouts. I suspected a trap but advised that we press on. I had been hording my best spells for the coming conflict.’

‘My good friend Milgos scouted ahead. It wasn’t long before we came upon a chamber full of skeletal undead along with the crazed worshippers of Tshoghhha. Milgos opened and closed a few doors whilst invisible giving away his presence to the cultists. Knowing the game was up our half-orc meat shield stormed into the room.’

Gerard interrupted ‘I don’t like the way you called Ugh a meat shield. Just because he is a fighter doesn’t mean he should be objectified.’

Milgos scoured. ‘Must I be interrupted? I called Ugh a meat shield because he is a half orc and half orcs are stupid slabs of destructive muscle. You hire them for their capacity to take a blow and get in the way of your enemies; hence I call the dullard a meat shield. You met the man; he wasn’t too bright was he? I meant no slight against fighting men in general. If I insulted you then I apologise.’

‘Apology accepted. Do go on with your tale.’ Gerard took a swig of his ale and continued to listen intently. He knew the tale for he had been there, but he still liked hearing it told.

‘The warriors stormed into the room and were met with a hail of arrows fired by skeletal archers and the berserk dagger strikes of chanting cultists. Fang III had its throat opened by a frenzied dagger strike. Ugh was unmoved by his canine companions death. I was later to learn that the brute took pride in the number of canines he could get killed in various dungeons, hence him keeping score via the title Fang I through to III. He and Milgos’ henchwoman Betty waded into the foe chopping the cultists down with methodical precision. I supervised the conflict, saving my magical resources for the showdown that was sure to come. The undead in the room scattered as Jana the hobbit strode in brandishing her holy symbol before her. Betty pressed the cultists into an adjoining corridor. She looked a sight drenched in the blood of a dozen foes. Just as the battle looked won a blast of energy blew apart several doors, stormed down the corridor, fried a cultist and badly scorched Betty. Enlandrin had decided to make his presence felt.’

‘Ooh this is my favourite part. This is the bit where you arrive.’ Said Burke to the warrior Gerard.

‘That’s it I give up!’ Blodgett cried in exasperation. ‘I cannot tell the story if I am to be interrupted at every turn!’

‘Sorry boss. Do go on.’

‘Alright, but only because the tale is nearing the end. Following the bolt of lightning came a trio of warriors, including Gerard who at the time was … um … under a mind-altering enchantment cast by Enlandrin. It was then that I unleashed my pent up power webbing the corridor and preventing Enlandrin’s sell swords from harming us. I must say Gerard did look terribly imposing as he began hewing into the web with his great sword. Our canny foe Enlandrin countered my magic with magic of his own. A great storm of ice was summoned into the chamber, which I had the foresight to avoid by remaining outside the room. Enlandrin had cast indiscriminately however and had injured both friend and foe. Soon it was only Gerard and the as yet hidden Enlandrin opposing us. Seeing the force arrayed against him Gerard sensibly swapped sides. The hobbit, Jana, prayed to her god for intervention and got it in the form of a silence spell. Enlandrin was not to be easily defeated as the wizard, protected by shimmering images, moved outside of the zone of silence. He strode amongst us and unleashed a volley of magic missiles into the chest of the upstart priestess. Jana remained bloodied but standing. Pushing past the pain and through gritted teeth the hobbit once again called upon her god who this time froze Enlandrin in his tracks.' 
Enlandrin prior to his untimely demise.
'At this, the final stage, Milgos, who had been hiding all this time, chose to reveal himself. The rogue appeared in front of the frozen mage and plunged his daggers into the various figments and images that were Enlandrin’s illusionary protection. Each blow saw another figment disappear till there were no more layers. Bereft of protection the mage took a dagger to the face. Thus ended the life of Enlandrin. All there was left to do was loot the place. My good friend Milgos still has my share. I must remember to ask for it one of these days.’

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