Monday, 16 July 2012

Someone left a clue in this bin

Monty likes researching at the library
Yes, me again, you old pal Monty. Things have taken a turn from the horrific, with the grisly murder of my friend, to the academic with our tirelessly slogging through high society gossip pieces. We fled the scene of Elijah Jackson's murder and stopped in for a quick drink at the local speak easy. A shot of bourbon soon calmed my nerves. I don't understand these Americans and ther temperence movements. A man needs a stiff drink I say, particularly after witnessing a ritualistic murder. From a backrom in the speak easy me and my archaeologist friend Dr Raymond Howser MD did our best to form a plan from the myriad of clues before us. Should we check hospitals for gunshot victims? If you recall in my last correspondence I had shot a murdering cultist in the back as he fled the scene.

Or should we look into the members of the expedition? We could do some research based on the items we had found on the deceased - matchbooks and lecture tickets. Surely there was a greater mystery afoot that would take some time and careful study to unravel.

After vigorous debate we decided to visit the 'News of the World', a dreary tabloid full of celebrity scandal and gossip.  Sadly we were turned away on account of the late hour. We had decided to begin our investigation after two or three bourbons and found it was close to eleven at night. The night watch man was not helpful insisting that the journalists and archivists had all gone to bed. If you ask me they have no right to the title of journalist. A real journalist would be out there breaking news at all hours. The news and likewise the presses never stop. I told the night watchman as much to which he smugly replied that the presses were working but the journalists had gone to bed. I should have struck him with my cane for his impertinent tone alone.

Crestfallen, we left the scene, but then the most fortunate thing occurred. Despite the late hour and the mist rolling in off the bay, I noted a discarded stack of news papers in a nearby bin. The title ,'Carlisle plans idiotic expedition', got my attention for it was the Carlisle expedition that my good friend Elijah Jackson had got himself entangled in prior to his untimely death. The paper was most enlightening and so my friend and I decided to dedicate the folowing day to research at the papers archive. This location was known lovingly as 'The Pit'. We discovered a great deal about the members of the ill fated expedition and the doom that befell the group as they explored the dark continent. All this thanks to the discarded newspaper that as it tuned out was years out of date. Destiny I should think though perhaps a further sign that something supernatural was afoot. I have collated my notes made at the time. I trust they will be enlightening.
Meticulously kept investigative notes.

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