Tuesday, 10 July 2012


THE MAW - a sailor’s nightmare

No Enc. (1)
Size: Huge
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 60', 120’ swim
Hit Dice: 9
Attacks: 1 (Bite/Spell)
Damage: 4d6 (+ special)
Magic Resistance: 55%
XP: 2,000 + 12/hp

THE MAW is the bane of sailors and terror of coastal communities. A series of luminous antenna draw the eye to the creature’s monstrous form.  Accompanying the creature is a cacophony of confusing sights and sounds. Its huge snaking body is formed from the fevered dreams of the mad. Hundreds of mouths can be seen gasping for air and press through the creature’s ethereal skin. These are the mouths of doomed sailors who perished in the belly of the beast. Their sussurous gasps only adds to the confusion.  THE MAW’s powerful lamprey mouth can breach the hulls of vessels with ease. Lashed to the beast is a barnacle-encrusted bell from a long sunken vessel. It’s discordant tolling, combined with the maddening spectacle, can unhinge even the soundest mind.

Due to its otherworldly composition THE MAW is immune to normal weapons. THE MAW fears and is vulnerable to flame. Those seeing the creature must make a save versus spells or fall under the effect of a confusion spell - see the custom confusion chart below. Those who fall prey to the confusion effect inevitably descend into cannibalistic madness.

Custom Confusion Table
01-10Self hate - Attack self. Preferably with a bladed weapon in a self mutilating frenzy
11-20Must resist - Regains control of self if only for a moment - acts normally
21-50Life is futile - Rants incoherently about the insignificance of man
51-70I’m so hungry - feast on nearest corpse or grapple and bite closest creature
71-00Kill them all! - Attacks nearest creature with murderous intent
This was the end boss for my one page dungeon entry 'Rot Tower'. The beast was sketched out in only the roughest detail in the entry itself. I was thinking along the line of Cthulhu and some weird fantasy - Lamentations of the Flame Princess lines when I wrote 'Rot Tower'. I'll probably post the entry on the blog at some point.

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