Monday, 2 July 2012

Citadel Miniatures - Dwarf Lords of Legend

Five Dwarf Lords of Legend. There are three more I don't own... yet.
My miniature binges started when I was teaching. I had these fantastic school holidays and figured I would spend the time painting. I first picked up a brush when I was in year seven. I used oil based Testor paints and the results were suitably dubious.  A stint at GW soon saw my love of miniatures beaten out of me via the dreaded 'painting tax'. Though to be fair GW taught me a lot about painting miniatures. It took a decade post GW for me to once again conisder dipping my toes into painting minis.

With plenty of spare time on my hands I started looking into the figure sets from the 70's. Painting the original Grenadier line for Dungeons and Dragons became a project and over an Christmas break I painted as many of the models as I could glean from e-bay. 

I played a game of 8th edition Warhammer and during the next break put together an Empire army. In another holiday break I put together the Viking army I blogged briefly about.

Now I buy models that look like fun to paint that I might one day use in a game of D&D with tiles and monsters and stuff. An ongoing dungeon project. The Dwarfs below are Citadels 'Dwarf Lords of Legends'. The Perry's sculpted them thus they are detailed, full of character and fun to paint.

Primed grey, metals blacked, and a baddab black ink wash to draw out detail.

Foundry 3 colours flesh done, taking time to paint each model separately.

The Baron

King Gorrin

Lastro Lupintal

Throbin Deatheye

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